Craig Newmark Philanthropies Fuels United Cybersecurity Alliance’s Accelerator to Upskill Women in Cybersecurity

United Cybersecurity Alliance Launches New Cohort of 100 Women in 100 Days Cybersecurity Career Accelerator

United Cybersecurity Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of its fourth cohort of the 100 Women in 100 Days Cybersecurity Career Accelerator (100W100D) on March 20th, 2023. This unique accelerator provides women with an all-inclusive upskilling program designed to accelerate their path into the cybersecurity workforce.

The program provides a fast track to industry certification training, exam preparation and study groups, hands-on workshops, career coaching, simulated virtual labs using the online gaming platform, mentorship, internship, and apprenticeship, as well as job placement opportunities with local employers. The accelerator was formed to provide women with the opportunity to gain the required knowledge and skills for entry-level cybersecurity jobs in a supportive, tuition-free environment.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies funded the pilot of this program in 2019, and we are very grateful for their continued support,” said Carmen Marsh, the President and CEO of United Cybersecurity Alliance and the founder of the 100W100D accelerator. “Craig Newmark’s philanthropic efforts continue to address cybersecurity, misinformation, journalism, and food security. The success of our program is a testament to the impact of his generous support.”

“Women and girls need greater chances to build and demonstrate their skills so that they can drive their careers forward and upward. In making this gift, I hope that ‘100 Women in 100 Days’ will help close the gender gap and foster inclusion in cybersecurity,” said Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies. “Carmen Marsh and her team are doing important work to create opportunities for women in this field, and we are proud to support their efforts. Our hope is that by investing in women’s careers, we can create a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity industry that is better equipped to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

100 Women in 100 Days Cybersecurity Career Accelerator consists of 100 full days of instruction over a period of six months, all the hands-on training and certifications needed to get started, and the mentoring and career services that increase the success rate of the students. The program targets women with aptitude and interest without regard to their ability to pay. To date, 320 women from all walks of life have graduated from the program. It is also the only comprehensive program today that provides this unique upskilling opportunity to underserved, underrepresented women.

This year, United Cybersecurity Alliance partnered with Sierra College in Rocklin, California, to deliver the content and training supporting the CompTIA certification, which is part of the 100W100D curriculum. Sierra College is well known for its award-winning cybersecurity curriculum, making it a great partner in efforts to deliver excellent training to 100W100D students.

“Sierra College is honored to partner with 100W100D to provide relevant cybersecurity training to meet workforce needs across California and the nation,” said Amy Schulz, PhD, MBA, the dean for the Division of Business & Technology at Sierra College.

She also reiterated that 100W100D empowers women with the opportunity to increase their household incomes and create brighter futures for their families while addressing a critical need in the cybersecurity workforce. This work is transformative, and Sierra College is proud to serve with 100W100D. 

“Every new cohort presents an opportunity for this upskilling program to provide students with the latest and most relevant knowledge, tools, practices, and experience through industry expert workshops,” said Marsh. “Together with educational partners and philanthropies such as Craig Newmark Philanthropies, 100W100D enables women to acquire the tools needed for a successful cybersecurity career, closing the workforce gap, and changing the culture in cybersecurity. Mentorship, leadership, and entrepreneurial opportunities also lag for women. In short, traditional cybersecurity education is not sufficient, and to meet local and global challenges, the cybersecurity workplace must change.”

With the launch of the new cohort of the 100 Women in 100 Days Cybersecurity Career Accelerator, United Cybersecurity Alliance is taking an important step toward creating a more inclusive and diverse cybersecurity workforce.