How did this get so bad?

Article by Isabelle Mayer, Chief International Office, Zendeta

Everybody’s heard about cyberattacks. No industry, country or size of organizations are spared from hacking. Being compliant does not seem to prevent breaches and companies that invest massively still have incidents. The situation has reached a point that even insurance companies don’t want to cover cyber policies anymore, since the risk for them is simply too high.

How did this get so bad? And what can we do to have an effective protection?

ZENDATA has been fighting cybercrime for more than 10 years and the secret of our success is in our way of collaborating with the top management in a rational and pragmatic way, that aligns our mission with the business objectives of the organization. “Companies and government are tired of vendors that promises a tool that is going to magically block all the cyberattacks, but eventually fails. Managers don’t trust the cybersecurity industry and believe we are failing our mission. This is the trend I am fighting to change,” says Isabelle Meyer Chief International Officer of ZENDATA who committed herself to educating and accompanying executives from diverse industries on how to approach their cyber protection.

Alternative: There is no silver bullet. The company’s ability to maintain a delicate balance between their risk profile and risk tolerance, while also investing in the right technology and promoting employee awareness, is essential for ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of their business operations.

At ZENDATA, we are making it our mission to protect businesses from these growing cyber security threats. We have a proven track record of success, starting from a humble beginning in a garage to now working with law enforcement, Interpol, and States. Our team of passionate engineers is always growing and learning, constantly challenging us and our clients to achieve the level of excellence that is needed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape….

The opening of our first office in the UAE two years ago was eye-opening. We realized that our approach was very innovative and unique. People asked us how we made it, since there is so much competition in the market. At the end of the day, when you are truly passionate and desire to take the time to transfer knowledge and help a country grow from within, you can always transmit this craving. The UAE, to add to the equation, has this desire of growth and knowledge. The leadership is so motivated of learning about experiences and realizations. Most importantly, the take actions and implement a real baseline of cyber security because they understand the cruciality of it.

We understand that every client is unique, and we tailor our services to meet their specific needs. Our complete, fully managed MSSP 360 cyber protection through our Security Operation Center (“SOC”), using over 35 tools, full audit, based on operational risks and exposures (not on compliance) and our own ZENDATA vulnerability assessment dashboard, pen tests, and red teaming, are just some of the services we offer. We also provide consultancy services and are the cyber expert in terms of CYBER Operational Technology services, the protection of operational technology infrastructure, people, and data, for the Switzerland highways.

In addition to our expertise and reliability, we prioritize partnership with law enforcement agencies to ensure that cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. We have worked on hundreds of incident responses, including targeted ransomware attacks for public and private entities. We share our threat intelligence on a pro bono basis to help prevent cyber[1]attacks and are one of the most important provider on Open Source services, working with the three largest threat intelligence companies in the world.

Cyber Security should not be just for specialists, the role of defenders applies to everyone. It has now become a social responsibility. In order to translate this important implication, ZENDATA has its own TV shows on National TV in Switzerland and appears on a weekly basis in the media. “Awareness is key, and being able to vulgarize for everyone, the continuing growing threats and the cyber-criminal organization, in order to properly defend ourselves”, says Mrs Meyer. We make it our mission to have a social impact in what became today, companies’ biggest risk. As the World Economic Forum called in its latest report, we need to all be defenders to the “Cyber Storm”. ZENDATA is not just a commercial enterprise but also a responsible corporate citizen.

In conclusion, ZENDATA’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and collaboration. By thinking outside the box and always putting its client’s needs first, the company has established itself as a game[1]changer in the cybersecurity landscape of the Middle East. The company’s mission statement says, “Don’t be the next one.” Act now and partner with ZENDATA to protect your business from growing cybersecurity threats. With its track record of excellence, trust, and reliability, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.