CNG Invites you to join the Scottish OT Cyber Summit
at the Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland!

  • Discuss how Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing encourages collaboration
  • Learn to identify your most valuable data assets
  • Discover how to improve employee awareness on the threats of cyber-attacks
  • Debate the importance of regional collaboration and the development of standards
  • Examine the role of public and private stakeholders in the protection of cyberspace
  • Analyse data security laws and industry standards
  • Increase your network interacting with colleagues in a unique experience
  • Showcase your expertise to a senior audience

What can you expect to see on the agenda at the
Scottish OT Cyber Summit?

  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions and Workshops
  • Scottish Cyber Coordination Centre and its Collaboration with Industry
  • The Global Challenge for Combating Cyber Security
  • The Realities of Industrial Cyber Security
  • A Modern Security Ecosystem for a Challenging Environment
  • Implementing, Sustaining and Adhering to the Cyber Security Journey
  • The Grave Dangers of Flawed Cyber Security
  • OT Cyber Attack Case Study
  • Academia and Industry Working Together to Improve Cyber Culture
  • Understand the Attacker Perspective – Insider Threats
  • Governance, Compliance and Regulation all working to Improve your OT Posture
  • Cyber Escape Room Challenge

Esteemed Speakers at the Scottish OT Cyber Summit

Malcolm Warr
Chair, CNI Scotland
Martin Smith
Managing Director, CyberPrism
Irene Coyle
COO, OSP Cyber Academy
Scott Keenon
Director, IACS Consulting
Debbi Blackwood
Cyber Head, Katoni Engineering
Keith McDevitt
Cyber Integrator, Scottish Gov
Pete Addison
Security Advisor, Ofgem
Kurtis Toy
vCISO, Onca Technology
Keith Chappell
Chief Technical Authority, CyberPrism
Eileen Buck
Director Appguard, Cyber Centre of Excellence

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