Work from Anywhere. Securely.

Article by Paul Richards, Director of Technology, EveryCloud

In today’s hybrid and remote working environment, where the digital landscape evolves at a rapid pace, our commitment at EveryCloud is to ensure that businesses are equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that the cyber world presents. Our mission is to empower organisations to thrive in this environment while safeguarding vital assets and contributing to the stability of the critical infrastructure.

At EveryCloud, we have always been at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, providing businesses with comprehensive solutions to tackle the constantly evolving cyber threats. We understand the vital importance of technology in modern businesses, and that’s why we are committed to creating tailored cybersecurity strategies. Our primary focus is on developing solutions that effectively mitigate the expanding attack surface that businesses face as they integrate new digital technologies into their day-to-day operations.

Navigating Market Dynamics:

As we examine the current market, it’s evident that safeguarding the critical infrastructure is paramount. With industries becoming increasingly hybrid/remote and reliant on digital systems, the potential impact of cyberattacks on essential services and businesses is substantial. We view these challenges not only as obstacles but also as opportunities to bolster the resilience of organisations through robust cybersecurity measures.

Key Challenges:

• Lack of Resources: Many organisations face the challenge of lacking adequate resources to tackle the intricacies of cybersecurity effectively. This can encompass vital sectors like energy, transportation, communication, and healthcare, the shortage of necessary resources poses a significant risk. These sectors are integral to a nation’s functioning, and any breaches in their cybersecurity can have far-reaching consequences. However, due to constraints such as budget limitations, shortage of skilled cybersecurity personnel, and the constant evolving nature of cyber threats, these critical sectors often find themselves struggling to implement robust security protocols.

• Budget Constraints: Budgetary considerations pose a significant hurdle for businesses seeking to enhance their cybersecurity posture. Striking a balance between investing in advanced cybersecurity measures and allocating resources to other critical areas is an ongoing struggle.

• Navigating Cybersecurity Tools: The huge number of cybersecurity tools available in the market can be overwhelming for businesses. Selecting the right tools that align with an organisation’s specific needs is a perplexing task, often resulting in confusion and inefficiencies.

• Compliance and Regulatory Issues: The landscape of cybersecurity regulations and compliance standards is complex and ever-changing. Navigating these regulations while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data adds an additional layer of complexity for businesses.

Our team of experts specialise in guiding businesses through the maze of cybersecurity tools and technologies. We work closely with organisations to assess their unique requirements and tailor solutions that provide maximum protection without overburdening resources. Our experience and insight allow us to recommend and implement the right tools for the right purpose, streamlining cybersecurity operations and boosting efficiency.

Meeting the Challenges:

Focusing on pre-emptive approach, our dedication to proactive strategies is represented through our Attack Surface Management solution. The reality is that attack surfaces have grown beyond the scope of what traditional security tools and practices can effectively manage. Many security professionals are simply unable to discover, manage, and protect their rapidly growing attack surfaces.

Attack Surface Management provides continuous, automated scanning and attribution of all an organisation’s Internet-based assets. Attack Surface Management uniquely identifies external assets your team may not even be aware of, empowering you to better manage all your risks before attackers take action.

Our industry leading Attack Surface Management provides a system of vigilant offense that looks at everything from HTTP hosts to message brokers to remote desktop exposure to network printers. We seek potential breaches, shore up leaks in your protocols, and map any potential weak points.

So, in a world that’s changing faster than we can blink, EveryCloud can guide businesses through the challenges and opportunities. The Senior Leaders Cyber Summit is a chance for all of us to share what we’ve learned and help each other out. Together, we’ll make sure businesses can thrive in the digital world while ensuring people are able to work from anywhere. Securely.